The 9th Annual Latke Festival, one of most deliciously fun tasting events on New York City's calendar, will celebrate the scrumptious versatility of the potato pancake on Monday, December 18, at the Brooklyn Museum; the event's new home after a smashing debut there last year.

Presented by Great Performances, the sustainability oriented New York City catering company, the beloved holiday tradition will showcase 20-plus latke creations, from the classic to the decadently imaginative.

Popular Latke Festival veterans such as Baz Bagel, Benchmark, Burger & Lobster, Kuluskat, Shelsky's of Brooklyn and Veselka will join first timers like FryGuys, Loreley Beer Garden and Tudor City Steakhouse in the museum's stunning glass enclosed lobby pavilion.

Among the tempting offerings at the ninth edition of the event competing for top latke honors will be: Daikon Radish Cake (Latke) with Tea Smoked Duck and Orange Hoisin from Kings County Imperial, Confit Duck Latke with Chipotle Sauce by BK Chef; Crispy Potato Latke with Rock shrimp and Spicy Lobster Sauce from the Garden Court Café; and Plantain Latke with Shrimp Ceviche and Jalapeño Cilantro Crema by The Norm at the Brooklyn Museum.

Latke lovers will vote for their favorite to determine "People's Choice" Best Latke while a panel of influencers and food experts will determine the "Judges' Choice" Best Latke. This year's judges include: restaurateur and Heritage Radio Network host Jimmy Carbone; Peter Kim, the executive director of the Museum of Food and Drink; CEO of Manischewitz David Sugarman; Scott Weiner of Scott's Pizza Tours and Sarah Zorn, food editor of Brooklyn Magazine. Returning for a second consecutive year to the panel of judges are Alicia Glen, deputy mayor of the City of New York and David Berliner, the Brooklyn Museum's president and COO. 

As has been the case since the event's debut, the 9th Annual Latke Festival will benefit The Sylvia Center,, the nonprofit dedicated to inspiring young people to become healthy eaters and advocates for healthy food in their communities by teaching cooking classes to children, teens, and families living in New York City and Columbia Co., NY.