Image courtesy of Alex Ostroff
New York City’s Black Seed Bagels is famous for partnering with local chefs and restaurants for unique hybrid bagels. Some of its past pairings include a combination of a bao bun and bagel (which debuted in November), a squid-ink bagel with white poppy seeds, and a toasted sesame bagel with smoked-salmon belly salad.

For a limited time in December, the bagel shop is teaming with New York City’s Emily Pizza for a Stromboli Bagel. The product features mozzarella, salami, and spicy Italian peppers stuffed inside a poppy-and-sesame-seed bagel and drizzled with a chili-infused honey from Mike’s Hot Honey.

The Stromboli Bagel will be available at Black Seed’s three locations in Nolita, East Village and Brookfield Place for $7.25. Customers can get the bagel from Friday, December 1 until the end of the year.