Shipping containers are being converted into homes and businesses to reduce costs and carbon footprints.
Many were disappointed when Durham, North Carolina’s DaisyCakes closed its doors in 2015. The bakery and café’s owner chose to pursue different business ventures at the time, but the decision was recently made to reopen to the public.

The new DaisyCakes will be remarkably different from the original, however, because of one big change: the bakery will be housed inside of a shipping container. The unique idea will allow DaisyCakes to differentiate itself from other bakeries.

“Space-wise, it’s not much different than a food truck,” owner and pastry chef Tanya Matta says of the shipping container idea. “I’ve been wanting to do something a little different. And I don’t want to be mobile. Having a set location is important to me.”

Businesses in Canada and Europe have succeeded with the shipping container model, according to Matta, and she believes that a city like Durham is perfect for it.

“For Durham, being such a forward-thinking city, it’s great model for other businesses,” she says.