Lesaffre, a global player in yeasts and fermentation, today announced the acquisition of innovative U.S. bioscience-based company Envera.

The move is part of Lesaffre’s ongoing expansion strategy in nutrition and health. Envera is a full solution provider in the field of microbiology. The company develops specific microbial-based products for a range of applications.

Lesaffre hopes to grow its product offering in the nutritional ingredients and health sector. The company also acquired U.S. biotechnology company Intralytix in July of 2017.

“Lesaffre welcomes this acquisition which is entirely in line with its strategic development objectives,” says Lesaffre CEO Antoine Baule. “We are pleased to contribute to Envera’s development and to build upon the skills and expertise of the team in place. The specific technology and the strains collection developed by the company will provide a substantial addition to our current portfolio.”

“Envera’s impressive range of bacteria strains and products will enable us to widen our offering of microorganisms to our customers, especially in the field of human, animal and plant care activity,” says Lesaffre’s President of Nutrition and Health activity Paolo Rossi. “What’s unique about Envera is its experience in the isolation, selection, production and formulation of microbial cultures.”