Christina Tosi of Milk Bar. Image courtesy of Winnie Au
Christina Tosi and Milk Bar have come a long way in a decade. After opening as an offshoot of Momofuku, the bakery chain now has locations in New York, Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, and Toronto, with a new location coming to Los Angeles. Just recently, it also received funding from RSE Ventures to expand the reach of its innovative, beloved desserts and snacks both online and offline.

The founder of Milk Bar, Christina Tosi is seen as a culinary pioneer. Her desserts have become nationally-recognized for not only their taste, but also their creative spirit.

In speaking with Food and Wine recently, Tosi shared some of the trends she sees as being prominent in the dessert world in 2018. Among them:

  • Laminated dough – More bakeries will use this technique, which is used for products like croissants and Danishes, for desserts with flavors like matcha and banana split sundae being possibilities.
  • Soft serve – This sweet treat will continue to grow in popularity.
  • Naked layer cakes – We’ve seen this as a rising trend in 2017, and that will continue into the new year.
  • Chocolate bark and candy bars – There will be a deeper exploration of these products in desserts.

“I’m a lifelong learner and I’ve always loved being a student. That means loving to teach,” Tosi says. “We inspired a decade’s worth of food, and the world is different because of what we brought to the table.”