Image courtesy of Idle Vine Brewery
Texas’ Round Rock Donuts is widely regarded as one of the top donut shops in the state, and that unmistakable flavor is now being enjoyed in adult beverages as well.

Beginning Saturday, November 11, the bakery has teamed up with Pflugerville’s Idle Vine Brewery for some unique beer flavors. The brewery put Round Rock Donuts in two of its new beers, The Donut Dunker and I Donut Care:

  • The Donut Dunker – A dessert stout with 5.5% ABV (alcohol by volume), this beer features Round Rock Donuts’ chocolate frosted donuts mixed into the grains.
  • I Donut Care – A lemon IPA with 7% ABV, this beer features lemon-filled donuts, Lemondrop hops, and lemon zest all added to a softly-bittered IPA.

“We sat down with our friends at Round Rock Donuts a few months ago to discuss creating a beer that would feature their world famous donuts as not only a thoughtful pairing, but as an actual ingredient. Ultimately we couldn't settle on just one flavor, so we chose two,” says Idle Vine Brewery in a Facebook post.