Image courtesy of Milk Bar
With Thanksgiving a mere ten days away, bakeries have been looking for ways to celebrate the holiday that often gets overlooked in the excitement over Christmas and Hanukkah. For many, that means delicious seasonal offerings that pack a variety of traditional flavors into untraditional forms.

For instance, bakery-café chain Au Bon Pain recently announced the return of its Holiday Gobbler sandwich to the menu. This sandwich combines all the classic Thanksgiving foods into one. It features sliced whole turkey breast, stuffing with onions and celery, cranberry apple chutney, and rich turkey gravy on toasted country white bread.

Another big name in the baking industry, Milk Bar, brought back a popular seasonal item earlier this month. The Thanksgiving Croissant has returned to the bakery’s multiple locations in New York City. The meal-in-a-pastry consists of a flaky, flavorful croissant filled with stuffing, roasted turkey, homemade gravy, and cranberry sauce.

Image courtesy of Melissa Horn
Thanksgiving flavors are not limited to just sandwiches, though. New York City’s Doughnut Plant introduced an item last year that lit up social media and had people thinking that it was all just a dream. An Inception-style doughnut known as “The Ripple” debuted at the shop in late 2016. It consisted of three layers of complementary flavors: cranberry, sweet potato, and crystallized ginger. The doughnut costs $24 and can feed up to eight people, so it is quite literally a Thanksgiving feast.

Some families will serve turduckens for Thanksgiving. This dish consists of a chicken stuffed inside of a duck stuffed inside of a turkey. However, a sweeter option exists for bakeries. The piecaken has gained fame in recent years after being developed by David Burke Kitchen in New York. The seasonal dessert takes the turducken concept to the next level with a pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and spice cake cut and stacked together, then finished with cinnamon frosting, oat crumble, and apple pie filling. Many on social media have looked to duplicate or even put their own unique spins on it.