Where else but baking can you find the essence of a traditional, often family-led industry intersecting with cutting-edge technology and the consumer-led trends of today.  AB Mauri North America, a company focused on the current baking technology needs of both industrial and artisan bakeries, successfully bridges and blends the old with the new on a daily basis.

Ready to celebrate its sesquicentennial – or 150th anniversary – in 2018, Fleischmann’s Yeast is a name that is synonymous with home and industrial bakers alike.  Started by an enterprising Austrian brewer Charles Fleischmann and his brother Maximilian, the iconic brand began its journey in baking as the first standardized commercial yeast in the United States back in 1868 – making it the oldest baker’s yeast in the country approaching a huge milestone.

That spirit of innovation driven by the Fleischmann brothers and subsequent generations is alive and well today.  AB Mauri, as caretaker for the iconic brand, continues to innovate as the North American marketplace continues to shift and evolve.  A key company evolution occurred in early 2017 as AB Mauri acquired the business and assets of Specialty Blending Co., LLC, a bread and sweet goods mix manufacturer located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  The former subsidiary of Flowers Foods, Inc. literally offered new ground for AB Mauri, consisting of 44,000-square feet on four acres of multiple blending lines – including two for whole-grain concentrates and a third for sweet goods mixes used in items such as doughnuts and honey buns – and a specialty mill operation ideally suited for ancient grains, organic grains and custom blends.

“The acquisition of Specialty Blending further strengthens our North American bakery ingredients business and represents a unique opportunity to combine the global technology strength of AB Mauri together with a high-quality and well-positioned ingredients blending operation,” said Mark Prendergast, president, AB Mauri North America.

AB Mauri’s current product portfolio from Cedar Rapids includes mixes for specialty breads, cakes, doughnuts, muffins, brownies and cookies as well as both mixes and blends for crackers and biscuits.

Heading into the home stretch of 2018 and the hearty holiday baking season, there is new news to share from AB Mauri and its Cedar Rapids ingredient production facility:  Indulge Premium Recipe, a line of high quality specialty blends and mixes formulated for a made-from-scratch taste.  A full portfolio of offerings for satisfying, consistently deliciousness doughnuts, cakes, muffins, brownies, cookies and other sweet goods is the end game, but only when combined with the company’s unique ‘Mauri Model’ of unsurpassed, high levels of technical collaboration, client service, baking education and support.

Certainly, the Indulge range of products meets the all-important consumer trend for all things indulgent and sweet in finished baked goods.  But, heading into 2018 and the key New Year’s Resolutions mindset that many of today’s consumers have each January and February, AB Mauri North America will once again roll out a new branded line – except this one will have a major focus behind ‘better for you’ trends, wholesome and nutritious grain blends, and customized mixes for breads, buns, rolls and more.  That is a brand story for another day.

From a fresh, new startup organization nearly 150 years ago to the robust, world-class bakery provider it is today, AB Mauri is passionate about delivering superior technical service and high quality yeast and ingredient solutions each and every day.  From the model Vienna Bakery more than a century ago to three yeast production facilities – located in Memphis, Tennessee; Calgary, Alberta; and Montreal, Quebec – three bakery ingredient manufacturing sites – located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Greenville, Texas; and Wilsonville, Oregon – and regional headquarters, bakingHUB™ research bakery and fermentation science laboratory located in St. Louis, Missouri, AB Mauri is proud to serve as a total resource for today’s commercial bakers.  For more information, please visit www.abmna.com.