Image courtesy of MIWE
Young people from 77 countries and regions recently met in Abu Dhabi to compete in several different areas of craftsmanship, including baking.

Taking place October 15-18, the 2017 Worldskills Competition showcased skill and technique. In the Bakery category, competitors from 17 countries were tested in their abilities to mix and bake a variety of breads and pastries, while showing attention to detail in fixed timeframes.

Equipment and technology company MIWE was a skill sponsor for the event, providing the oven and refrigeration technology necessary to meet the requirements. The company, which invests in education and preservation of craftmanship, had a designated application technician on hand to provide support for the technology during the series of challenges.

Those challenges took place over 17 grueling hours. Competitors were asked to measure and inspect the quality of ingredients and produce various bakery items with artistic talent and attention to detail, all while under the careful scrutiny of a judges panel consisting of experts in the field.

Yezhao Cai of China, Damien Besson of France, and Ramona Bolliger of Switzerland all received gold medals in the baking competition, while Chi-Wei Li of Chinese Taipei received a bronze medal.