Image courtesy of Dinara Kasko
Ukrainian-born Dinara Kasko designs her pastries like they were small-scale versions of buildings. The pastry chef uses 3D-modeling technology to create silicon cake molds, and the finished products look like modern architectural wonders rather than pastries.

Her latest innovation involves the use of ruby chocolate, which was recently introduced by Barry Callebaut. The pinkish hue and fruity flavor of this chocolate type allows artists to design some truly eye-catching and tasty desserts.

Kasko’s new creation is an intricate set of 81 unique silicon molds generated by the graphical algorithm editor Grasshopper, which come together to form one large cake.

“The idea was to create a set of elements (cakes) that together would form a single composition,” says Kasko.

When the cake is cut into, its ingredients are just as elaborate. It features layers of mousse, meringue, berry confit, biscuit, and a crispy layer at the bottom made from chocolate and royaltine.