Cakes by Melissa was released October 3, 2017 through William Morrow Cookbooks.
On Tuesday, October 3, Melissa Ben-Ishay released her new cookbook, Cakes by Melissa. Including recipes that have been developed by her bite-size cupcake brand Baked by Melissa, the book seeks to be a cookbook like no other.

“My goal for Cakes by Melissa is to inspire readers to bake outside the lines and create recipes for people they love based on what they love to eat, which is what I do at Baked by Melissa and what I’ve been doing for the past nine years,” says Ben-Ishay.

Known for the aforementioned bite-sized treats, Baked by Melissa has been able grow to 13 locations throughout the New York area that ship its goods nationwide. From one of its original (and still most popular) products, the tie-dye cupcake, to a variety of other unique flavors, the company has made its mark on the industry.

It’s now looking to do the same for home bakers. Melissa Ben-Ishay wants to make baking more like crafting instead of an exact science for them. “I love to work with my hands and I love to create things, and that’s how I see baking.”

Melissa Ben-Ishay looks to bring smiles to baking.
She wants to extend that happiness for desserts to everyone. In fact, a recent promotion by the company not only gave it some positive publicity but also spread some love and positivity in the process. On August 17, Baked by Melissa looked to give away over 100,000 free cupcakes to visitors at its website.

“We saw that there was a lot of negativity going on in the country. At Baked by Melissa, we share happiness and we see our bite-sized treats as a way to do something nice, so we wanted to get as many people to be happy as possible,” says Ben-Ishay.

The promotion was such a success that the website experienced massive delays, with thousands waiting in a virtual line for their turn to enter the website and claim their offer. In response, Baked by Melissa decided to give away an additional 50,000 free cupcakes on top of the initial 100,000.

Baked by Melissa boasts a dynamic lineup of flavors.
With the launch of Cakes by Melissa, the company created six bite-sized cupcake flavors using recipes from the book. This “Dream Team” of flavors includes Electric Tie-Dye, Chocolate Babka, Ice Cream Sundae, Caramel Coconut, S’mores, and Sugar Cookie. These flavors are packaged into a box of 25 cupcakes and are available in-store or online.

Additionally, Baked by Melissa boasts its O.G. (Original Greats) flavors. Among those are Red Velvet, Peanut Butter & Jelly (Ben-Ishay’s favorite), Chocolate Chip Pancake, and Mint Cookie.

“I think that innovation is important in this industry, because it brings excitement to customers,” says Ben-Ishay.

The dynamic lineup of cupcake flavors, as well as the recipes provided in Cakes by Melissa, all help to achieve Melissa Ben-Ishay’s goal of bringing smiles to faces.