Weddings have begun to take place all year long. However, spring and summer still reign supreme as wedding season. Get ready for wedding season by keeping up on the 2015 wedding trends.

Wedding cakes and catering in 2015 seem to be going in one of two general directions. While many weddings will go to the extreme in bold decadence, some will try to get back to earth with simple elegance. According to, there’s emphasis on home cooked and lovingly served meals, based on local and organic products. The classic tiered cake is back – with or without frosting, “naked cake” – and it should be big, beautiful and, of course, delicious. Another trend for 2015 is the option of serving the wedding cake as dessert.

The Glamorous

Wedding cakes decorated with ruffles and sequins top the list according to For a ruffled cake, a bride can go ruffles from bottom to top, or just do one tier of ruffles. For a classic twist, use an hombre pattern on just one ruffled tier. For the sequined cake, apply sequins that drip from top to bottom. As they run down the cake, create a predetermined pattern that gives the sequins the look of a waterfall slowly dissipating, leaving the bottom tier with just a few random sequins.

Metallic sheens, French influenced treats such croquembouche and macaron towers, and uniquely flavored cakes featuring unique fillings will trend for 2015 as well. However, more down to earth and less extravagant trends exist for the 2015 season.

The Simple

One of the simplest wedding cake trends for 2015 is buttercream over fondant cakes. While this limits some of the design and sculpting techniques that many decorators use, it is a classic and continues to be for good reason.

Another simple upgrade to offer customers for 2015 wedding cakes is the mixed shape tier cake. Creating multi-tiered cakes with both square and round tiers gives your customers something unique, but classic at the same time. This will work especially well for customers who prefer a clean and classic look with subtle variance. You can also incorporate most designs and decorating techniques by just adjusting them to fit with the different shaped tiers.

It seems that floral designs trend every year without a need for mention. Any of the over-the-top glamorous trends or the simpler more elegant trends can all go with some sort of floral design, whether intricate or otherwise. For real pop, incorporate real and edible flowers into your wedding cake designs and decorations.

Another simple idea trending for 2015 is the one tier cake. For your customers having a smaller ceremony, but still wanting a beautiful cake, offer any of your designs as a single tier. Another advantage to the single tier is elaborate design and decorating that is more cost effective for those wanting extravagance on a smaller budget.


Textures add a dimension to wedding cakes that set them apart. Tulle, ruffled, lace patterns and pleats will all be important in 2015, according to A more modern take on texture might be herringbone, three-dimensional lattice or other geometric patterns.


Don’t forget about your grooms. Oftentimes grooms get left out of a majority of the decision making for the wedding. Sure, they are asked for their opinions and expected to provide them, but in the end everyone knows where the final decisions come from. That’s why groom’s cakes play an important role and provide your bakery with another opportunity to increase the ticket.

The key to a great groom’s cake is getting to know the groom. Is he a sports guy? Is he a car? Does he like to hunt? What are the “guy” things that he likes to do? Another theme to consider might be what he does for a living. Did he serve in the military? Is he a plumber? Once you know a little bit about what makes him tick as a man, the theme for a great groom’s cake should come easily.