According to a recently released report from industry analyst Technomic, the perception of desserts as a post-meal-only occasion is changing. In the new “2017 Dessert Consumer Trend Report,” it’s revealed that consumers no longer view dessert in traditional ways.

The report goes on to say that planned dessert occasions are on the rise, and that 18- to 34-year-olds are increasingly likely to visit specific establishments for a meal because of the dessert offered.

Some other observations from Technomic include:

  • 32 percent of consumers eat dessert after a meal at least twice a week.
  • 46 percent of consumers’ dessert occasions are planned (rather than impulse).
  • 48 percent of consumers say they are willing to pay more for desserts that are made from scratch.

“Portable desserts like milkshakes, smoothies, and fruit are increasingly popular for anytime occasions like snacking and replacing meals,” says Kelly Weikel, director of consumer insights at Technomic. “Greater oopportunity exists to drive off-peak traffic by positioning desserts as craveable, stand-alone occasions throughout the day or by emphasizing the snackable nature of top desserts like fruit, cookies, brownies, and ice cream.”