Image courtesy of Four & Twenty Blackbirds
In a recent story from NPR, the question is raised: What is causing the rise in pie consumption? According to the American Pie Council, total pie sales have grown to about $1 billion per year. Additionally, the Nielsen Company reports that between February 2016 and February 2017, there has been a 10.1 percent sales increase in the slice/half-pie category and a 28.7 percent sales increase in mini-pies.

For Americans, pie is comforting. Another report from the American Pie Council found that nearly 50 percent of Americans think of that specific word when they think of pie, and some 20 percent of them have eaten an entire pie by themselves.

The popularity of pie is without question, so it makes sense that locations catering specifically to pie enthusiasts would be popular as well.

Four & Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn was ahead of the trend, opening its first location seven years ago. The business realized quickly how much pie appreciation there was in the community.

Now, the bakery has a new 10-seat pie counter that opened in the spring. Customers can grab pies by the whole or by the slice. It makes for a cozy atmosphere where pie enthusiasts can swing by for a bite that can be paired with coffee, tea, wine, or beer.

Chicago’s Hoosier Mama Pie Company plans to debut a new expansion on October 7, which will create more space for visitors to enjoy the bakery’s famous pies. It’s all part of a strategy to create a better experience for customers.

As the holiday season approaches, these pie bars will see increased traffic. It’s an ideal time to capitalize on this all-American dessert.