Giving bakers the opportunity to develop hands-on experience with industrial baking equipment while learning about the latest techniques in cake production, AIB International and Auto-Bake, part of the Middleby Bakery Group, will host the Batter Cake Seminar, running Oct. 31 - Nov. 1 at Middleby’s Bakery Innovation Center in Plano, Texas.
The course will cover cake mixing techniques, the benefits of processing and the impact of ingredients on cake volume, structure and quality. During the seminar, participants will have access to Auto-Bake’s latest baking equipment, such as mixers, proofers, and ovens, and be able to troubleshoot issues they may have encountered in the past. Students also will learn how to assess the quality of their finished product.
“This is the first time a course like this has been done with AIB,” says Len Kilby, president, global sales, Middleby Bakery Group. “It’s a great opportunity for bakers to learn more about the industrial side of baking.”
Suitable for bakers working at any production level, the Batter Cake Seminar provides attendees with an intimate look at how their products can be scaled-up and made available to a larger customer base. Students will also be able to view an equipment demonstration of the Auto-Bake Serpentine baking line.
To learn more about this course and register, go to AIB International's website.