Image courtesy of Bantam Bagels
Bantam Bagels recently announced the addition of its newest line of products, mini-pancake bites stuffed with buttery maple or lemon cream cheese.

The new Bantam Pancakes are 100 calories each and can be purchased in boxes of 3 dozen for $34 online or in boxes of 9 at the Bantam Bagels store in New York City.

Currently, the Bantam Pancakes are being offered in six flavors. The chocolate chip, homestyle, apple cinnamon, and banana praline versions are filled with the maple cream. The blueberry and strawberry shortcake versions are filled with the lemon cream.

“What we did with the bagels was take something that was real and iconic and shrink it down, and we’re doing the same thing with the pancakes,” says Bantam Bagels founder Nick Oleksak.

Bantam Bagels previously burst onto the scene with its incredibly popular stuffed bagel bites. The products are now sold in grocery stores as well as in Starbucks locations nationwide.