Image courtesy of Creative Cakes
Earlier this month, Creative Cakes announced a unique promotion for National Bakery Day. The Tinley Park, Illinois bakery would offer five golden tickets in separate dessert boxes, with the recipients of those tickets receiving a $100 Creative Cakes gift card, to be redeemed within 28 days (October 26th, 2017 before 6 p.m. CST).

Today on National Bakery Day, Creative Cakes has announced the first winners of its golden tickets. The first recipients were Helene and John Zukanovich of Griffith, Indiana, who are regular customers of the bakery for its cake and cupcakes.

One other golden ticket has been revealed so far, with just a few more left.

In addition to its creative giveaway, Creative Cakes also put together a beautiful multi-layered cake for its celebration. Customers who come in to check out the bakery and its signature cakes will also have a chance to receive free t-shirts and cake.