Image courtesy of JudyPie

JudyPie, a bakery in Grapevine, Texas, plans to bring its local community together on Thursday, September 28 with a special event.

To celebrate National Bakery Day, JudyPie is holding a pie contest for home bakers. On September 28, 10 people from the community will compete by baking a pie and bringing it to the shop. A Le Cordon Bleu Culinary team, featuring Chef John Choe, will judge the pies and select a winner.

The winning pie selected will then go on to be featured as JudyPie’s Pie of the Month, with proceeds from its sales being donated to the pie winner’s favorite charity. The winner will also have his/her picture featured on the bakery’s new Pie Wall as a guest Chef.

In order to be considered for the competition, entrants must submit the name of the pie, its recipe, and why it is special to JudyPie before Friday, September 22.