In a recent survey conducted by The Alternative Board, small business owners are putting in a lot of time at their businesses, and wish they had even more hours in the day.

84 percent of business owners are working over 40 hours per week, with 1 out of every 10 feeling that they are continuously overwhelmed by their responsibilities. In fact, 60 percent feel that they would rather have more time in the day than less work.

They feel that productivity takes its greatest hit when it comes to poor time management, followed by closely by poor communication and personal problems. There are effective ways to improve time management and communication that involve simple tools.

56 percent of those surveyed believe better communication is the biggest key to improving workplace productivity among employees, while the biggest key to owners improving their own productivity is scheduling finite times to answer emails (33 percent) and organizing workspaces more effectively (25 percent).

Morning tends to be the most productive time of the day, with 81 percent saying that they get the most done during those hours.

You can read more about The Alternative Board’s survey here, and you can see a summary of workplace productivity data in the following infographic courtesy of the National Federation of Independent Business.