Image courtesy of Misadventure and Co.
Misadventure and Co. currently offers only one product, but it a vodka unlike any other. The distillery is “bringing a new way of thinking to an old way of drinking” with its Misadventure Vodka.

The beverage is made from unsold baked goods, leftovers taken from a local food bank that aren’t able to be given to the needy. One thousand pounds of bread products a week are used by the distillery.

“The whole bakery aisle goes into our vodka,” says Whit Rigali, Misadventure co-founder. “Essentially, all these baked goods have starches and sugars inside them, which are the building blocks to making any type of alcohol.”

To make the vodka, the bread products are first mashed and blended together. Then, yeast is incorporated into the mash, which consumes the sugars and creates alcohol as a byproduct. From there, fermented product is distilled into vodka.

Not only does the product help to battle food waste, but it also reduces Misadventure’s production costs, allowing the distillery to sell the vodka at a lower price.

As the company's website says, finally you can have your cake and drink it too.