New York-based bakery Baked by Melissa is famous for its bite-sized treats, especially its cupcakes. The company looked to bring some joy on Thursday, August 17, 2017 by giving away over 100,000 of those cupcakes.

Starting at noon EST on August 17 and running while supplies last, customers could visit Baked by Melissa's website and order a 25-pack of O.G. (The Original Greats) cupcakes in a gift box absolutely free of charge to be sent to anyone they want. The promotion is a way for the bakery to spread love and postivity throughout the nation. Baked by Melissa even promoted the offer with the hashtag #SideWithLove.

"If there was ever a time to spread a little love throughout the nation, it's now," says Melissa Ben-Ishay, Founder & President of Baked by Melissa. "The cupcakes in the box will be really special, not just because they are delicious and were sent from someone who cares about them, but also because they represent a simple act of kindness. We hope that people enjoy them, but even more than that, we hope that it inspires them to spread some kindness of their own."

The promotion caused such excitement that the website experienced massive delays, with thousands waiting in a virtual line for their turn to enter the website and claim their offer. In response, Baked by Melissa decided to give away an additional 50,000 free cupcakes on top of the initial 100,000.

It seems as though the promotion has paid off, as customers are definitely feeling the love from Baked by Melissa.