Image courtesy of @nationalconchaday - Instagram
Three Latinas who are passionate about conchas, the festive and delicious type of sweet bread (or pan dulce) synonymous with Mexican culture, have petitioned the California government to change December 8 from Dia de la Concepcion to National Concha Day.

“The creation of a ‘National Concha Day’ would be a fun and exciting way to honor the Mexican pastry and its culture. Such a day would not only bring smiles to people's faces, but also create cultural awareness of our customs and traditions,” the women write in their petition.

They believe that changing the day from Dia de la Concepcion would be acceptable because in Mexican culture, the name Concepcion is often shortened to the nickname “Concha”.

National Concha Day’s petition currently has over 2,000 supporters on If the petition reaches 2,500, it will go to the desk of California Governor Jerry Brown. The petition will also be delivered to Senators Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom, as well as Representatives Xavier Becerra, Kevin Faulconer, Eric Garcetti, Ed Lee, Darrell Steinberg, Tom Tait, Lee Brand, and Karen Goh.