With ice cream such an integral summer food, it makes sense that bakeries would look to include the popular item in its baked good offerings.

MILK in Los Angeles has used that strategy to its advantage for several years with its macaron ice cream sandwiches, and now popular macaron retailer Ladurée is following in those footsteps.  The French luxury bakery is known for its premium macarons, and now customers can get those filled with delicious sweet ice cream.

On Instagram, Ladurée announced that it would begin serving its Macaron Glacé. The bakery is billing the product as “the ultimate ice cream sandwich”. The announcement was made as part of National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, which took place on Wednesday, August 2.

The macarons used for the sandwiches will be larger than normal macarons, a special creation from Ladurée. The bakery is a key part of the rising macaron trend in America, as evidenced by its eight locations in the states including its latest which opened in Washington, D.C. in May.

“It’s not so easy to make macaron, so we really are super control freaks about what we use,” Ladurée USA co-president Elisabeth Holder Raberin says. “We have chefs training for years to make macaron. They wake up at 2 a.m. to bake.”