Image courtesy of MILK
The heat of the summer calls for cool treats, especially ice cream. Novelty ice cream products are both a fun and lucrative addition to your menu during this time of year.

Ice cream sandwiches are a typical offering that can be found at a variety of retailers in any given city, but many look to branch out beyond the typical chocolate chip cookie or chocolate wafer for the sandwich.

One establishment that has stood out from the crowd is Los Angeles’ MILK. The ice cream institution maintains long lines throughout the summer with its enormous macaron ice cream sandwiches. Combining fresh ice cream with gorgeous, colorful French macarons, MILK provides a crispy and chewy outside with a sweet and soft center.

These oversized sandwiches feature macarons much larger than you’d normally find, and they come in a wide selection of delicious flavors. Thai Tea, Rocky Road, Red Velvet, Grasshopper, Coffee Toffee, Banana Dulce de Leche, Blueberry Crumble, and Fruit Loops are just a few of the options at customers’ disposal. They then have the choice to garnish their sandwiches in additions such as melted chocolate, chocolate chips, cereal, and more.

Image courtesy of MILK

MILK’s macaron ice cream sandwiches have taken over LA, and last month the ice cream shop headed to the East Coast to take over New York as well. The shop operated an ice cream pop-up featuring the iconic treats from June 21-25, staying open until midnight each day. It was a great success, and there have been discussions about a permanent location there.

MILK recently announced that it would begin shipping its ice cream and it macaron ice cream sandwiches nationwide, so ice cream and macaron enthusiasts across America who don’t live in LA or NY will have the opportunity to enjoy them as well.