Image courtesy of Salty Donut

Starting July 25, Salty Donut in Miami, Florida will be offering new mango cronuts (croissant-donut hybrids) made with brioche dough, filled with homemade mango jam, and topped with mango curd and mango pearls.

In order to supply its mango ingredients, Salty Donut asked customers to bring in 10 mangos to exchange for a free donut. The “Save the Mango” campaign has allowed the shop to keep the mango cronut available to customers for two weeks.

“When we started the mango campaign, we weren't exactly sure what to do with them. But we know so many people have all these extra mangos in their backyard with nothing to do with them,” says Salty Donut co-owner Amanda Pizarro.

Eventually, the shop decided on a cronut. “We knew we wanted to make something light that would appeal to a lot of people. Then it just hit me,” she says.

The mango cronut will be available at Salty Donut from Thursday, July 25, to Sunday, August 6. Each pastry costs $4.75.