National non-profit Icing Smiles is working with local bakeries across the country, as well as specialty dessert ingredient solutions provider PreGel America, to create smiles for critically ill kids and their families.

Icing Smiles has been able to deliver 13,580 custom cakes to these children and their families. The goal is to provide a temporary escape from worry and creating positive memories during a difficult time.

“We understand that the simple things, like a birthday cake, are luxuries for a family battling illness,” says Tracy Quisenberry, Founder and Executive Director of Icing Smiles. “What we provide is so much more than cake. We serve up a reason to smile.”

The company relies on the generosity of volunteer bakers and cake artists through the United States to fulfill their mission. It also relies on its corporate partnerships, such as PreGel America. Combining great passion along with its premium ingredients, PreGel has been able to make a significant impact on Icing Smiles’ mission.

“PreGel is truly honored to support such an amazing organization as Icing Smiles,” says Anna Pata, Director of Sales & Marketing, PreGel America. “We were moved by the humbling story of this organization and their overall goal to bring joy to sick children and their families with the gesture of a beautifully decorated cake made specifically to celebrate them. Given that PreGel is an enthusiastic supporter of the pastry industry and its talented and passionate chefs, our ideals parallel those of Icing Smiles to spread joy through artisan dessert, which makes this union perfectly fitting.”