With Season 7 of the hugely popular television series Game of Thrones set to premiere on HBO on Sunday, July 16, people across the world are heavy with anticipation.

One bakery in Dubai has taken that anticipation to the next level, creating a cake that cost an astounding $27,000. The four-foot high, 70 pound cake features Game of Thrones character Tyrion Lannister sitting on the Iron Throne.

Broadway Bakery received the commission and set out to deliver on the work of art. The cake took a team of 2 expert cake artists accompanied by a team of 18 talented chefs working over a period of three weeks to get it done in time. The cake supposedly can feed 120 people.

It was modeled out of sugar fondant and sugar paste before being brushed with edible food coloring. Other interesting inclusions were edible gold and high quality Belgian chocolate.