The Cannoli Cupcake from My Delight Cupcakery
Mother-daughter founders Melinda and Naomi Moreno carefully built the My Delight concept from humble beginnings and a passionate enthusiasm to grow a business culture focused around the brand. To stand out from other cupcake shops, My Delight keeps things exciting by treating their product as unique pieces of art and having a staff that truly loves their work, creating an experience for each customer. Each cupcake is forged from fresh ingredients and originates from non-GMO flour, locally sourced ingredients and the world’s best imported chocolates and vanillas. 
"Our main focus at My Delight is delight in itself. For our workers to delight in the work they craft, our customers and each other as co-workers. Our company's culture of compassion, creativity and care is what truly set us our product and service apart from the rest," says Melinda Moreno, co-founder.
Located in Ontario, California, My Delight Cupcakery is busier than ever with high demand for their luscious selection of cupcakes and a recent unveiling of multiple new holiday varieties. Seven years have quickly passed since being founded in 2009, and the family-owned brand continues to evolve and keep customers on their toes by revealing limited monthly menus, while always keeping their popular signature cupcakes stocked daily. 
"After working in the pastry industry for five years, I was able to gain enough knowledge that allowed me to realize that there were crucial elements missing from the work environments. My goal in opening the shop was to fill a need.  A need our community had for a great artisan bakery and a need the workforce had for a work environment with a great culture," says Naomi Martinez, co-founder.

My Delight's Breakfast Cupcake
My Delight prepped for the 2016 holiday by updating their monthly selection of unique flavors that sell out daily. My Delight always offers a flavor of the week and even has an award-winning breakfast cupcake which is made with a fluffy buttermilk base with Applewood smoked bacon and iced with a buttery maple frosting and maple syrup drizzle. 
The cupcake shop also offers cupcakes that are gluten free, vegan-friendly and even cupcakes for dogs. 
My Delight can be found just south of the 10 Freeway in the Gateway at Mountain Village Shopping Center. The store features limited varieties of cupcakes, macarons, cake pops, bars and beverages. My Delight has been winning over discerning palates every day and earning praise from publications such as The Daily Bulletin, Grub Street, and Inland Empire Hot List. 


Hot Tip

One of the hottest tips in the cupcake business is the unique topper. And one of the easiest ways to make custom toppers is to use fondant and make your unique creations ahead of time. 

Satin Ice offers the following basic tips to help cake decorators when working with fondant:
  • Make sure your surface tools and hands are clean and dry
  • Work fast to keep fondant pliable. Wrap and seal fondant that’s not in use.
  • Don’t forget to knead, knead, knead.
  • Use cornstarch and confectioners sugar to make a non-stick surface.
  • Roll out fondant to about 1/8-inch thick.
  • Use a firm mix and avoid ultra moist.
  • Store fondant at room temperature (but put chocolate in the fridge).
  • Crumb-coat your cake and chill in the fridge.