A new bakery in Sarasota, Florida uses a law enforcement theme in creative ways to serve its customers.

Five-0 Donuts’ motto is “Arrestingly Good Donuts,” and the bakery backs it up with unique creations that always come fresh. Just down the street from the local police department and sheriff’s office, Five-0 Donuts keeps its customers informed of when fresh donuts are ready with a live webcam referred to as “Donut Surveillance.”

The bakery only produces fresh donuts, and when it sells out it closes for the day. One of the favorites at the shop is the ‘Cops and Robbers’, which is a deep fried Reese’s Cup-inside-an-Oreo-inside-croissant-dough donut. The donut is then dipped in chocolate with Reese’s and Oreo on top.

Other decadent donuts include flavors such as Reese’s Croissant, Ferrero-Rocher, Frosted Animal Cracker, and the Elvis Lives (featuring maple candied bacon, a crunchy peanut butter glaze, and sliced banana).