Image courtesy of Becky's Bites
Becky’s Bites, a shop that will use cream cheese in every item it sells, will open this summer in New York City’s East Village.

The shop will offer a range of cream cheese-inspired bites such as bagels, parfaits, tiny tarts, and cookie sandwiches. All products are hand crafted with cream cheese from the New York Hudson Valley.

Owner Becky Rosenthal plans to focus on catering with the business, although individual bites will be available for purchase in-store. Coffee will also be sold at the location.

Several core flavors of cream cheese will be offered, such as vanilla, strawberry, peanut butter,  cookies n' cream, a flavor of the month, and a rotating seasonal flavor. One of the signature treats available will be “Beckaroos,” a vanilla funfetti cream cheese dip served with Teddy Grahams that hearkens back to nostalgia of Dunkaroos snacks.

“Basically what we're doing is reinventing the use and perception of cream cheese in showing how it can be fun and exciting in new and inventive ways,” Rosenthal tells Gothamist. “We like to describe it akin to an ice cream or frozen yogurt shop, except we're using cream cheese as our palate.”