Image courtesy of Milk Money
The team behind a few of Sacramento, California’s popular eateries such as LowBrau and Block Butcher Bar is back with a new concept that the will bring two favorite foods together.

Restaurateur Michael Hargis and executive chef Brock Macdonald have announced that they plan to open a dessert establishment called Milk Money in Sacramento’s upcoming Ice Blocks development. It will be an ice cream shop that also serves doughnuts, featuring the creations of pastry chef Edward Martinez, who put together the desserts for another of Hargis and Macdonald’s upcoming establishments known as Beast + Bounty.

“It’s a very unique concept in that we’re doing one doughnut every day, and it’s the best (freaking) doughnut you’ve ever had,” Hargis tells the Sacramento Bee.

Milk Money plans to offer several different ice cream flavors and one different doughnut each day. They will be available until they sell out, starting at 8 a.m. PT each day.

The doughnuts will be brioche-based and will feature a variety of unique flavors: Some of the experimental flavors created by Martinez so far include blueberry pie and Valrhona chocolate glaze topped with a cocoa praline and smoked salt. Martinez says that Milk Money gives him the opportunity to play around and have fun with flavors.

Milk Money is tentatively scheduled to open around the same time as Beast + Bounty, which will be in September.