Little Cupcake Bakeshop began selling a new product on June 7 that takes the classic flavor of strawberry shortcake ice cream bars and puts it in a cake.

The goal of the limited edition item was to match the flavor exactly.  “We had to experiment a bunch of times until we, and a bunch of volunteer taste testers, finally felt we had something that we thought was very close,” says Little Cupcake Bakeshop owner Salvatore LoBuglio.

LoBuglio had the idea for the cake when he picked up his childhood favorite while with his nieces.

“Growing up, the original Good Humor strawberry shortcake bar was my ultimate favorite ice cream,” he says. “To me, it’s more than just great tasting ice cream, it’s a time capsule. It takes me back to the days of playing in the street on Bay 17th with my brothers and friends. To me, this ice cream bar is Bay 17th Street.”

The Brooklyn bakery says that the cake will be available for a limited time in store, but no end date has been set.