Jewel Hunt, in opening IDDBA 17, spoke on creating a blueprint for success with inspirational teamwork.

“If you think about it, the most rewarding points in our life’s journey are those when we were inspired,” Hunt said. “Where we shared inspiration and where teams gave us those moments when we were at our very best.”

Hunt, group vice president of bakery for Albertsons Companies and IDDBA’s Chairman of the Board, noted three key conditions that need to exist for teams to excel: a compelling direction, a strong structure and a supportive context.

“Don’t be too worried if you inherit a team or build a team with different personalities and attitudes,” she said. “Successful teams work together.”

She noted that successful leadership starts with building the right environment, one in which your employees are receiving empowerment, positive feedback and genuine appreciation.

“When you can create an environment where team members know you believe in them, anything is possible.”

Hunt lined out five aspects to success through meaningful vision and a compelling direction:

  • An effective team vision tells a story
  • Great visions are inspirational and focused on the future
  • Make goals challenging, but attainable
  • If the objective is truly visionary, expect skeptics to feel threatened
  • Learn to be excellent communicators

She stressed the importance of determination, plan-building and the utilization of resources in achieving success.

“Every no you hear along the way can be turned into a yes,” she said. “That’s possible when you empower your teammates. As you create success together, the reins are unleashed and potential is unlocked to become reality.”

Hunt’s blueprint for success also include: inspiration, motivation, appreciation and experiences.