A unique marketing strategy from Atlanta-based doughnut shop Sublime Doughnuts has been to create wacky doughnut flavors on its YouTube page. The web series, known as “Will it Doughnut?”, challenges founder Kamal Grant to create whatever flavor is chosen after spinning the Wheel O’ Doughnuts.

This week, the flavor chosen was nachos, so Kamal Grant set out to create tasty Doughnut Nachos with the help of Atlanta artist and Texas native (nachos were originally popularized in Texas) Summer Walker. The first step was to turn glazed doughnuts into chips by sautéeing and smashing them.

After the “chips” are ready, they are topped with a salsa made from chopped watermelon, diced mango, cut cucumber, cubed pineapple, fresh mint, and pickled jalapenos. Then, Chantilly whipped cream and avocado Chantilly whipped cream are prepared.

The salsa is then sprinkled on the doughnut chips along with melted cheese and the creams. The end result turned out to be quite satisfying.