Cubes Baking Company lives up to its name, serving almost everything in cube form. The new Seattle bakery features delicious and eye-catching baked goods that are hard to find anywhere else.

“Pretty much everything is square,” says Cubes Baking Company’s Kevin Moulder. “The only thing that's not square are our coffee cups, because I cannot find a disposable or compostable square shaped coffee cup.”

The bakery is Hispanic-influenced and self-serve. Customers can grab a tray and tongs, choose from a variety of pastry options, and pay. The unique experiences at Cubes will appeal to customers, Moulder hopes. “I would really just hope that they are excited and want to come back and realize that trying a new thing is always a good thing,” he says.

One of the first items customers will notice is the cupcubes. These cube-shaped cupcakes come in flavors like 24 Carrot, Dulce de Leche, Cookies + Cream, and many more. Additionally, there are squones (square scones), which come in chocolate chip peanut butter, cinnamon pecan, bacon mozzarella, jalapeno cheddar, and more.

Cubes also offers corn muffins, abuelita brownies, pretzel cubes, conchas, cookies, tarts, and cakes.