New York’s The Bagel Store, the innovator of the social media sensation rainbow bagel, are back with a new bagel concept that hopes to become the latest “out-of-this-world” trend in the baking community.

The Williamsburg bakery recently announced the addition of galaxy bagels to its menu in an Instagram post. The latest colorful creation is made by taking the rainbow bagel, covering it with an edible adhesive, and dousing it in edible glitter.

After going viral with the rainbow bagel last year, The Bagel Store owner Scot Rossillo wanted to take things to a new level with his own edible glitter made in the store. The bagels are Rossillo’s way of making his customers happy.

“No matter how old you are, when you come into the store you always feel like you’re in Disney. Disney for food. Disney for bagels. It’s wonderful to make people happy on a daily basis. Probably nothing greater than that feeling,” he says.

Watch the galaxy bagel get made in this video: