Bakers Square was named the nation's top commercial pie maker at the 23rd Annual APC National Pie Championships.

The American Pie Council (APC) held its 23rd annual National Pie Championships in Orlando, Florida earlier this month. On May 5-6 at the Tosen Centre Hotel, 470 pies were submitted by 22 bakeries in the commercial division of the 2017 APC National Pie Championships, while 16 professional bakers entered 113 pies and 35 amateur bakers entered 206 pies for a grand total of 789 pies across all three divisions.

Bakers Square in Nashville, Tennessee took home top honors, with an impressive 36 award-winning pies. Some of their delicious entries included Fruitabulous Blueberry Pie, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pie, Salty Hog Chocolate Pie, Creamy Orange Float Pie, and Chicken Pot Pie.

Second place in the commercial division went to Legendary Baking with 26 winning pies. Harlan Bakeries and Shari’s Café and Pies both finished with 12 winning pies.

Commercial entrants competed in 26 flavor categories, including apple, chocolate cream, citrus, peanut butter, berry, best new product, and chicken pot pie.

Open to amateur pie makers, professional bakers, and commercial pie manufacturers from throughout the country and Canada, judges grant awards based on appearance, taste, consistency, crust, and the overall product. The event is an opportunity for companies to get their pies in the spotlight, and substantially increase sales.

All divisions were open to APC members and non-members. In addition to competing in the pie championships, entrants can attend an array of pie-related workshops, seminars, and live demos at the Pie Learning Center.

Bringing pie makers together since 1995, the annual pie competition celebrates a beloved American treat and honors those that dedicate their baking skills to creating award-winning pastry treasures. 

“Pie is a simple, delicious piece of our nation's heritage,” says Linda Hoskins, Executive Director, American Pie Council. “Whether for holidays or just for fun, sharing a slice of pie is a long-honored tradition. The American Pie Council is committed to preserving America's love affair with pie through our annual championships and our dedicated members.”

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