Mary Poppins Cake Factory & Chocolate Fountain Rental in Woodville, Ohio will be very busy in the middle of May. The cupcake bakery is partnering with Fremont Community Theatre for several of the theater’s upcoming productions of Mary Poppins The Musical.

Owner Jackie Kennedy and her staff will be producing 1,000 very special cupcakes, which will be sold at $2 each during intermissions of the eight performances on May 12-14 and May 19-21. Proceeds from the cupcake sales will benefit the theater.

“We're going to do a variety of cupcakes for them. We're going to do a root beer float cupcake,” says Kennedy.

The three types of cupcakes planned for the events are Rootbeer Float Delight Fly A Kite, Chocolate Chimney Sweet Treat cupcake (dark chocolate with a chocolate truffle filling), and a Spoonful of Raspberry Filling Cupcake.

Kennedy hopes that her treats will add to the musical and bring some magic to the performances.

The partnership between Mary Poppins Cake Factory & Chocolate Fountain Rental and Fremont Community Theatre came about after the bakery made a wedding cake for the musical director’s daughter. From there, they decided to add something extra to the production that would benefit both the theater and the bakery.