Described as “a day of celebration, indulgence, discovery and deliciousness,” Dessert Goals in New York’s Williamsburg neighborhood in October of 2016 was a hugely successful event. Now, the all-dessert-themed festival is making its way across the country to Los Angeles to make the City of Angels the new temporary Dessert Capital of America.

On June 17, the festival will open in downtown LA. The event is a curation of the very best sweets and treats in Los Angeles. Vendors have been handpicked to highlight some of the best creations across all categories of dessert.

Some treats that vendors will showcase at Dessert Goals include Ring Dings from Ring Ding Bar, ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus, S’mores from Gotta Have S’more, macarons from Honey & Butter, artisanal Twinkie-inspired "Cakies" from Jae NYC Eats, pudding from The Pudding Truck, and smoothie bowls from Amazebowls.

Aside from all the delicious options that festival-goers will have to treat themselves, the event will also host several workshops where people can learn from top dessert and social space experts. In workshops such as dessert photo styling and making money from food photos, top bloggers, influencers, and professionals in the industry will share their expertise.

Other experiences that visitors will get to check out during their designated 1.5 hour time frame include a specially designed Instagram Lounge specifically decorated for dessert photography, unlimited candy from Dylan's Candy Bar, and a savory salt bar to cleanse the palate.

General admission tickets are $15 and include over 30 vendors. Tickets go on sale May 10, 2017 at noon PST and can be found here.