Cleaning up workspaces in your bakery has never been more important. With food safety issues garnering nationwide attention and consumers valuing the importance of shopping for food in clean stores, it’s vital that your retail bakery, cafe or restaurant has a comprehensive sanitation plan in place and that it is working effectively.
Recent food safety incidents related to fresh salads in the United States prompted severe downturns to companies competing in the category, a pertinent example of what happens when one company has a problem.   
For bakeries, equipment manufacturers continue to develop highly efficient and effective solutions.
With waste heat recovery critical in warewashing, Hobart has found that drain-water energy recovery solves multiple challenges at once. Not only is waste heat recovered to preheat incoming water, but with drain water temperatures reduced, the need for tempering water also is greatly reduced, saving significant water consumption. The new model is the CLeN Conveyor Warewasher with Drain Water Energy Recovery.
New from Meiko, the M-iClean UM with GiO Module features an undercounter hot-water sanitizing glasswasher that boasts an integrated reverse-osmosis filtration system. The R-O system removes the water impurities that cause spotting, eliminating the need for hand polishing. An illuminated door handle glows blue for ready, green for washing, and red for messages.
Both the Hobart and Meiko machines are among the 2017 Kitchen Innovations winners from the National Restaurant Association. 
For tough cleaning assignments, the Douglas Machines’ LD-36 features a 15 horsepower pump, rotating wash arms and a flexible racking system that holds up to 36 pans. Due to its large cabinet size, the LD-36 also has the unique ability to clean single baking racks that are placed in the machine horizontally.
Douglas Machines Corp. offers a full line of commercial and industrial washers for all containers commonly used in the bakery, meat, poultry, food processing, packaging and distribution industries. More than 80 standard commercial and industrial washing machines exist to quickly and efficiently clean pans, trays, totes, molds, scale parts, screens, pallets, lugs, racks, barrels, smoke trucks, bins, vats, barrels and buckets. Batch and continuous cleaning washers are available for several hundred to several thousand containers an hour.
Among others, the LVO FL14 front load pan washer is the most popular model at LVO Manufacturing. The LVO FL14 cleans pots, pan, bowls, or utensils with a powerful, high pressure wash. With a 10-horsepower pump and bass wash hubs, the two rotating stainless steel spray arms blast away soil for greater cleanliness, while a hot water rinse ensures proper sanitizing temperature.
Capable of washing up to 140 pans per hour, the FL14 is fully automatic and simple to operate. The front load design allows for easy access to the wash chamber, while at the same time minimizing the amount of flood space required.