The U.S. Pizza Team heads to Italy for the World Pizza Championship
The U.S. Pizza Team is returning to Parma, Italy for the 26th annual World Pizza Championship May 8-10, 2017.

17 pizza chefs from across the United States will be competing with hundreds of the world’s best from over 30 countries. Leading the team are captain Michael LaMarca, owner of the Master Pizza chain in Cleveland, Ohio, as well as coaches Gino Rago, owner of Panino’s Pizza in Chicago, and Jamie Culliton, the reigning world champion in freestyle acrobatics.

The culinary categories the team will be competing in include Classico, Neapolitan, Gluten Free Pizza, Pan Pizza, Pizza for Two (one pizza made by a team of two pizzaiolos), and Pizza on the Peel. The athletic categories are Largest Dough Stretch, Fastest Pie Maker, and Freestyle Acrobatics.

“The team arrives in Italy with a refined idea of what flavors they wish to deliver on their pies. Sometimes ingredients do not arrive or ideas change when in the moment, but luckily we have local markets right around the corner that feature all of the regional flavors needed to make a winning pie,” says U.S. Pizza Team coordinator Brian Hernandez.

To see the full list of U.S. Pizza Team competitors, as well as more information about the World Pizza Championship, go to the U.S. Pizza Team’s website.