This week, French luxury bakery Ladurée will open the doors to a new location in Washington, D.C. The boutique and restaurant in Georgetown will be the first in the area, joining other U.S. locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

Ladurée is most famous for its premium macarons, but the bakery will also serve a full menu, including breakfast and lunch entrees, classic French pastries, and cocktails.

The popular French bakery first opened in Paris 150 years ago and is credited in part with the rise of macarons. That original shop has blossomed into 100 locations around the world. The impressive lineup of pastries has given it quite the global reputation. Owner of Ladurée U.S. Elisabeth Holder praises the macarons not just for their taste, but also their look.

“It’s like the supermodel of food,” she says. “It’s very beautiful; it’s got a round shape so it’s very feminine. It’s super photogenic — I think it matches with everything.”

Ladurée in D.C. will sell a variety of these macarons, including common flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, and caramel. It will also offer a region-specific cherry blossom macaron.

An additional storefront is planned to open later this spring at D.C.’s Union Station.