Image courtesy of The Doughnut Project

The makers of the mouthwatering grilled cheese doughnut have come up with a new concept that is sure to excite New York City breakfast fans who also enjoy a good cocktail.

The Doughnut Project is launching its “Cocktail Series” on Friday, April 21. For five weekends in a row, the doughnut shop is honoring its favorite NYC bars with doughnuts that taste like each bar’s specialty cocktail.

“Our flavors have always been inspired by food and cocktails,” The Doughnut Project co-owner Leslie Polizzotto tells Thrillist. “When we decided to do our recent 'Restaurant Series' doughnuts, we knew we would want to also do a 'Cocktail Series' where we would create doughnuts inspired by cocktails from NYC’s cool bars.”

After reaching out to various bar owners across the city, the team was able to find specific cocktails that translate well to doughnuts. All of the ingredients of each cocktail are used in the doughnut, for the glazes, fillings, and toppings.

Here is the full list of doughnuts for the “Cocktail Series,” named after the bars from which they are inspired:

  • April 21-23 - The NoMad Bar Doughnut inspired by the “Start Me Up” cocktail with bourbon, rum, Strega, honey, ginger, lemon, and orange bitters.
  • April 28-30 - The Bennett Doughnut inspired by the “Everlasting Arms” cocktail with Cachaça, pineapple, banana liquor, falernum, and gardenia mix.
  • May 5-7 - Death and Co. Doughnut inspired by the “Starfish & Coffee” cocktail with Gosling's rum, Punt e Mes, cold brew, vanilla, and tonic.
  • May 12-14 - The Dutch Doughnut inspired by the "Oh Snap!” cocktail with tequila, mezcal, lemon, snap pea, and tarragon.
  • May 19-21 - Maysville Doughnut inspired by the “Noreaster” cocktail with Old Crow Bourbon, ginger beer, lime, and maple.