This cake combines bright colors with the drip technique, two popular cake decorating trends. Image courtesy of Tablespoon.
You can get a clear glimpse of dessert decorating trends just by looking at what is popular on social media websites like Instagram and Pinterest. The sweets world is being bombarded by vivid colors because they make ideal canvases for experimentation.
The James Beard Foundation, dedicated to celebrating and nurturing America’s food culture, recently released its 13 Food Trends Forecast for the New Year. One of the most notable trends was sprinkles and technicolor desserts.
Birthday cake is a popular flavor, not just for its taste but for its presentation as well. A simple birthday cake cream cheese icing can do wonders for cupcakes, cakes, and a wide variety of other treats.
Rainbow bagels were a social media sensation in 2016. They come from The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York and look absolutely wild. While the bagel itself tastes like a normal bagel, its toppings make it taste as good as it appears.

Image courtesy of Adventures Of A Picky Eater (@adventuresofape/Instagram).

The Bagel Store has been making these for two decades, but they have become a national wonder since technicolor desserts took off this year.

Unicorn Bark was one of the things that caught our eye earlier this year. It features pastel swirls and all kinds of colorful, sparkling candy pearls and sprinkles. Unicorn Bark is very easy and cheap to make, and with its bright colors it lends itself to profits. It would go especially well with a Unicorn Hot Chocolate!

Multicolored food isn’t just popular in the States. In countries like Australia, it’s a big deal too. Australians supposedly invented the “original rainbow food”, something known as Fairy Bread. This simple treat has only three ingredients: a slice of bread, butter, and rainbow sprinkles. It is said to be inspired by a Robert Louis Stevenson poem from the 19th century.

Image courtesy of Epicurious.
Fairy bread is commonly served at children’s parties, but is also enjoyed by adults for breakfast, snacks, and dessert.
By implementing color into your bakery products, you can draw the attention of customers and set yourself up for a bright future.