The new Innoseal Professional L Sealer
As self-service gains importance in the retail bakery, packaging manufacturers offer ample options for bakery owners to offer safe solutions to customers.
Ideal for products ranging breads to cake pops, the new Innoseal Professional L Sealer is a tamper-evident bag closing system, which uses a unique, resealable tape and paper combination to seal bags. The machine comes preloaded with closures, making it fast, easy and safe and ready to use. The system is self-contained with no waste. Innoseal’s bag closing machines deliver enough efficiency to cut production time in half while delivering a solid seal each time. This is because of the machine’s ergonomic design and use of patented paper and tape.
Anchor Packaging, Inc. recently introduced a new line of tamper-evident food containers, jointly developed over a two-year period with input from consumers. Safe Pinch is virtually leak-proof and eliminates the sharp edges associated with many existing tamper-evident containers. It also does not leave the user with a plastic strip or tab to dispose of. Safe Pinch containers are perfect for ambient-temperature displays of assorted foods like mixes, candy, baked goods and dried fruit. These packages also work well for refrigerated fresh food applications, such as salads, cut fruit and sandwiches.


RoundWare from Inline Plastics
RoundWare is the latest offering in Inline Plastics’ breakthrough Safe-T-Fresh line of patented, tamper-evident, products.  The single piece, 4-inch diameter, clamshell design is coupled with Safe-T-Fresh tamper evident, tamper resistant technology. RoundWare is manufactured with patented DPET material, which has a smaller carbon footprint than many products made with rPET, and has the highest clarity to ensure the contents of the container stand out.  
“We partnered with our customers during the development of this product line in order to create the highest quality product, and ensure that it performed in real world applications.” says Carrie Cline, senior product manager. “We found that the eye-catching RoundWare clarity and user friendly design encouraged impulse purchases, as well as stimulating repeat sales.” 
Placon recently introduced a new brand strategy for its packaging line, including bakery and food packages. “Over the years, we have acquired companies, maintained the company identity and gained additional brand names,” says Theresa Pope, marketing director. “Externally and internally there was confusion on which division owned which and what to call each location.” The new brand strategy positions the company as packaging engineers who deliver product breakthroughs.
“Our heritage was founded on innovative custom packaging designs,” says Dan Mohs, chairman and chief executive officer of Placon. “We have a culture where the heart and mind of an engineer beats in every one of us.” The new look incorporates a new tagline, new mission and vision statements, a better defined brand hierarchy and an updated style guide. Placon has gradually rolled out the new brand in advertisements and shows. “The new branding allows us to tell our story better,” says Mohs.