Maui Pie owners Ryan and Kellee Houghtaling hail from Michigan, where they received extensive pie training from the Grand Traverse Pie Co. and Kellee’s parents, who ran the bakery.

After their honeymoon and the pie training, the Houghtalings moved to Maui, where started out by selling their pies at the Maui Swap Meet. Then, in 2015, they own kitchen and bake shop and have quickly become one of the biggest names in pie in Hawaii.

Maui Pie was recently named HAWAI?I Magazine 2017 Readers’ Choice Award-winner for Best New Restaurant on Maui.

The shop specializes in all different types of pies, but they are beloved for their local flavors. Mango Strawberry, Mountain Berry, and Chocolate Haupia are some of the localized offerings that are big sellers for the Maui Pie.

“We have always had the philosophy of 'grandma-approved' recipes, and when we moved here, we started playing with the local flavors, like coconuts, macadamia nuts, and fruit. As we find awesome new vendors and farmers, we play into what’s available,” Kellee Houghtaling tells HAWAI?I Magazine. "I pretty much grew up with pie because of my parents’ shop. Ryan and I have known each other since we were 14, so he was there, too. We have a pretty strong background in the food industry.”

Maui Pie offers its pies in 9” full sizes, 6” mini sizes, and slices. Full sizes are $19.95, mini sizes are $9.95, and slices are $4.95 each.