On March 29, famed pastry chef and Cronut creator Dominique Ansel opened his second location in Tokyo, Japan. The bakery is located inside mega-store Mitsukoshi Ginza.

Known for its innovative offerings at its other locations, the new Dominique Ansel bakery will be no different. This Tokyo hotspot will feature some of the most unique treats in the area, starting with its fun “zero gravity” cake.

The Zero Gravity Cake is a honey vanilla sponge cake, so light that it comes inside a floating balloon that can be later popped with a pin. You can see the dessert in action at Dominique Ansel’s Instagram.

In addition, the Tokyo location will also feature a roasted tomato hot dog bun shaped like a dog. It’s made with a soft bread filled with roasted tomatoes, onions, a bit of mustard, and a hot dog.

Other creations that customers will enjoy are the Pull-a-Part Flower Cookie (each rose-flavored cookie is shaped like a pink, delicate flower petal on top of a lychee ganache) and the Square Watermelon (inspired by the shape of Japan-only square watermelons, with the taste of watermelon lime jelly, pistachio mousse, and raspberry mousse).

Dominique Ansel chose the Ginza location for a specific purpose. “When I visited Japan 7 or 8 years ago, I stopped by Ginza Mitsukoshi to pet and take a picture with the giant lion statue right outside the department store entrance. Since then, Ginza has always been a special place for me,” he tells Japan Today. “Also, we are hoping that by setting up the store inside one of the most prestigious department stores in Japan, more people can choose Dominique Ansel pastries as gift options for family and friends.”