LocoL is getting ready to unveil its latest shop, a second location in Oakland. The bakery and coffee shop plans to open March 31 in the former West Oakland home of Tomm’s Bar-B-Q & Deli.

The new location will join LocoL’s previous Oakland shop, as well as one in Los Angeles. LocoL also runs a food truck with new locations updated every week.

Some of the items LocoL offers are baked goods (such as its popular Bunzz), chili, pizza by the pie or slice, and salad, in addition to its signature agua fresca, $1 cup of coffee, and green juice.

LocoL is the brainchild of chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson, who believe wholesomeness, deliciousness, and affordability don't have to be mutually exclusive concepts in fast food, and that their restaurants can empower the communities they serve.

The growing chain is currently looking to expand to new California locations, such as the East Bay and San Francisco markets.