Tax Day in America falls on April 18 of this year (usually April 15 would be the day tax returns are due, but that falls on a Saturday in 2017). Because Tax Day is on a Tuesday, there are plenty of business opportunities to bring in customers.

This is an especially good day to run specials, considering many Americans will feel a sense of relief that they have finished and filed their taxes for the previous year and a large number of those people may also be expecting a considerable refund.

Tax Day specials can be seen as a reward to those hardworking people. It helps you to form a connection with your customers by letting them know that we’re all in this together and we all deserve a treat after a paying our taxes.

Freebies (or cheapies, as in a great deal opposed to a giveaway) are an excellent way to make a day that many have dreaded shine through a little brighter. If you’re looking for ideas, take other businesses’ past deals as starting points. For example, Great American Cookie offers a free Birthday Cake Cookie to any customer who stops by a participating store on Tax Day.

You may choose to offer a free item with the purchase of another item. This can be especially effective with a great marketing strategy. A strong example is Corner Bakery and Café. The chain of cafes throughout the U.S. sent out an email to subscribers a few days before Tax Day 2015 proclaiming, “There’s Nothing Taxing about a Free Sweet” and promised in the preheader to “Sweeten up Tax Day with a FREE Sweet at select Corner Bakery Cafes.” The email included an “I NEED A FREE TAX BREAK!” call to action which took subscribers to a coupon for a free twisted lemon hand pie with purchase.

However you choose to go about reaching customers on Tuesday, April 18, use the day as yet another opportunity to showcase what makes your bakery stand out and why customers should give you their hard earned dollars in the future.