Rockin’ Baker in Fayetteville aims to change lives by hiring people in need.

The Northwest Arkansas bakery is owned by Daymara Baker, who opened the shop just a few months ago. She has been baking for years, but wanted to find a way to give people like former convicts who would otherwise be overlooked a second chance at life.

"How can you help them get the skills that they need? Not only on baking or cooking. But also the self skills. Responsibility, accountability, team work  that are so needed to find a better job," Baker tells Fox 24 in Fayetteville.

Baker believes that many good things can come from giving these people the opportunities to become involved and find better jobs. To many, baking is a form of therapy, and she feels that will be a major benefit to her future employees.

"When you feel the dough in your hands, it's such a way to release your energy and everything that's going through you."

Currently, Baker is building up her core staff so that they can properly train her future employees and give them the tools to succeed.